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Website Redesign or Overhaul

We don't simply identify problems. We deliver constructive changes that ultimately point to the health and success of your website and business as a whole.

Your website is an important part of your business and could be a powerful marketing tool if put to good use. We can help you make the changes needed to make your website perform better.

Many businesses have outgrown their old website and are now looking for a new website that can take their business to the next level.

At Web Solutions Kenya we give you the flexibility of chosing from three options, the best that suits your needs.

Website Re-aligment

Simply re-align content in your website whilst maintaining its overal look and features.This entails modification of your content and site navigation.

Website Re-design

Change the theme and layout of your website, whilst maintaining general structure and functionality. This entails upgrading visual design, content structure, information architecture, add new pages or drop remove stagnant pages to give your website a new look and feel.

Website Revamp

A complete website overhaul. Design and launch a brand new website keeping only content and key features from the previous design.


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